Our 1st Anniversary!

About a week before our anniversary Justin asked if I would like to be a part in the planning. Without hesitation I said,  "Nope, I'll plan it next year". So, on our anniversary I picked Justin up at Hill Air Force Base and we headed South. I couldn't believe it when Justin took the Price/Manti Exit - okay, so I had a hunch. I have on more than one occasion told Justin I needed to take him to Ephraim to show and tell him about the 2 years I spent down there. They were hugely formative for me, kind of like his mission was for him. We traveled to Peru already, so I guess it was my turn. What a sweetie! Oh wait, we took a little detour in Spring City -- oops, Bed and Breakfast not there, --- then to Ephraim. The W. Pherson Bed and Breakfast was an historic home full of antiques, quite a fun house to stay in and we had the house to ourselves!

Friday evening: We ate pizza in Layton before we left, checked in and broke into our cake as an afternoon snack, I took Justin on the very short tour of Snow College along with my housing, the tour was narrated with lots of Snow College stories and then we snagged a bite to eat at the Malt Shoppe, a college hang out in Ephraim. Snagged a ride on the swings in the back. What a wonderful evening! Full of memories for me, I was really glad to share some of them with Justin.

Saturday:  We enjoyed ham, eggs, and a mixture of German pancakes and French toast, it was delicious!
Then....,Justin helped me finish our love story! Woot Woot! Another thing I have wanted to do for a long time. The plan is, for it to become a children's book that our kids can read, if they find it interesting. (I think I'll read it more than anyone else, ha ha)
And then..... FOOTBALL -- USU vs. Auburn --- Justin is a faithful Utah State Aggie fan, something I definitely am not, or I should say, was not. I do enjoy each game with Justin now. Go Aggies!
We stopped by and visited Justin's brother Ryan in the hospital and then stopped in Salt Lake to say hi to the Schmidt's and .... watch more FOOTBALL!  BYU vs OLE MISS -- I'm surprised I remembered. I have learned more about football in this one year of marriage than I had ever learned before.

Sunday - Was a great day spent together as well along with wonderful meetings at church. I am so uplifted each Sunday, I need church! I gain strength from the testimonies, experiences, and struggles of other ward members shared. We are blessed to be a part of this ward and this gospel!! By the way, our whole 12" round Anniversary cake was gone by Sunday night and it was delicious even a year old. (we did share it with others)

As we reminisced about the past year, we both expressed how awesome and wonderful it has been. Friends have shared that it is possibly the hardest year. If that is the case, we cannot wait for the upcoming years! We have had disagreements but no serious arguments. We have learned how to be social while being married, and we now have married friends! Life is great! We cannot believe the year is over and how much more we love one another. My mom once explained to me how your love deepens in marriage, and when she did I thought I understood what she meant, but now I feel I have a better understanding. I know I will probably say the same thing next year.

Happy Anniversary to US!!
I am the luckiest girl ever to be married to Justin Arthur Schmidt - my man for 1 whole year!!


  1. Love it! Congrats on one year! I am so glad you got to show him your old stomping ground!! Love you guys!


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