Fall Outings!

At the beginning of the semester, even with Justin's busy schedule, because he prioritizes his time so well and likes to have fun we were able to have some great weekends. Yes, I'm playing catch up.

1. Sept 10-11 Mountian Biking with Jason and Natalie Pemberton and our two new friends -
We enjoyed s'mores around the campfire, a night in the tent and then mountain biking in the morning. Thanks to Jason's SUV ride up the mountain, my first experience with Mountain Biking was all downhill!! Thank goodness. I enjoyed it, even if I was tense with my hands on the brakes the whole way down. Justin told me I shouldn't be relaxed while mountain biking. I don't know if that made me feel better or not. :)

2. Sept. 23-24 Canoeing with Bryce and Kaylee -
Suited up to canoe the Marshes
Justin and I have been wanting to go canoeing since last year and could not pass it up with the $20 student discount at the ORP. I was in charge of the planning..... that could be scary. Bryce and Kaylee agreed to a Friday afternoon on the Marshes. We enjoyed subways while searching for buoys that would maybe lead us to where the Logan River fed into the marshes. We turned around before we found the mouth of the Logan River in order to find our way back before it was too dark, if we were actually headed towards it.
Beautiful sunset on the marshes! We turned back just in time to not get lost :)
After this little adventure, we decided we needed to explore Porcupine Reservoir while we had the canoes! Despite our busy schedules telling us we should probably stay home, we made the trip! It was beautiful. The boys cliff jumped while Kaylee and I worked on our rowing skills and Bryce took us up the spring to see the Salmon spawning. A great outing indeed!

The boys jumped off the cliff behind us. I really enjoyed the scenery of Porcupine Reservoir! Beautiful!
3. Oct 7-8 This weekend it was just us! We discussed how long it had been since we had had a weekend to ourselves, seemed like forever. What a wonderful weekend it was. Friday night we warmed up from the wet and cold day while watching "Forest Gump" and after eating Juniper Take Out, mmm, mmm. We are Juniper fans! This morning we slept in, ate cold cereal before deep cleaning our apartment and catching up on laundry! Okay, I must confess, I went to a baby shower around noon and Justin had it completed when I returned around 4pm. There also happened to be roses on our kitchen table. What a wonderful husband I have. We made White Bean Chilli Soup to take to the Utah State's home football game! We watched it next to Justin's old roommates cheering loud and proud for the Aggies. It was an exciting game to watch and ended well with a Utah State Victory!! USU 62 WY 19

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