Pregnancy Update

It took me a week to get a picture -- quite the funny story why on campus too. :)

4 weeks before this little guy gets here... he better not be late... and I am feeling more pregnant each day
Just a few affects of pregnancy I am experiencing lately:
groaning when I get up off the floor, or out of the car
bumping into walls
finding myself not fitting through those corners I used to fit through
changing my workout because of belly bouncing too much or awkward pains
not being able to STOP eating – I guess I am “eating for two” 
rubbing my belly
my bum hurting after sitting in the same spot for a while – I am definitely all about finding a comfortable place to sit
sleeping with a pillow between my legs - but still sleeping through the nights, yeah!
waddling, or at least feeling like I am
Look at the proud father to be --- and the stroller is taken apart to hand wash it.
Timeline of exciting preparation happenings before the arrival of this bundle of joy:
Used Stroller and New Car Seat purchase! – Ogden, Utah – February 3, 2012
Barfuss Baby shower – February 11, 2012 - We are so blessed! We received such wonderful gifts from those we love. Thank you for your generosity.
Prenatal Classes begin – February 20, 2012 and go until the little guy gets here!
Friends Shower – February 25, 2012 – Can’t wait to see and catch up with everyone
Schmidt Shower – March 3, 2012 – We are so grateful to have such supportive and loving family

Thank you family for your love and support!

Such a fun shower with fun activities - thanks Jami and Mom for the planning!

We are so grateful for the gifts in helping us prepare for this little guy


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