15 Days ended - Home Sweet Home!

The 15 Days have ended but not without some good night study sessions. This was the biggest one, before the most failed test. Not much has changed for me with the 15 days, Justin will still be there for about 12 hours, but Justin does not have to memorize as much and doesn't have the extra pressure of 'stand up' each morning. We made it through the hardest part of training! Well, actually as we have neared the end of it we are now finding out that the rest of training is pretty much the same. Ha ha, but onward we go.

This last week or so I have come to realize that I call here home. It really does feel like home to me. I have established wonderful friendships in a rather short period of time and have been so grateful for the kindness of everyone. One day Sam was so ready for his afternoon nap and was crying pretty hard in the grocery store. So many people expressed sympathy and then a nice woman came over and took my cart back to the rack when I had finished emptying my groceries. So thoughtful! Other times many have struck up conversations with me that have buoyed me up.  Sam's cuteness helps with this. He is learning that flashing his smile gets the attention. Just the other day he was in the cart seat for the first time, grocery shopping will never be the same for me or him. It was so much fun!

Justin has now flown the T-6 over 5 times and by his reports I feel like he is getting the hang of it and enjoying it. Just last night we both admitted that the whole flying thing had sunk in. Me, as I watched one flying ahead when I knew Justin was out flying at that specific time and Justin when he flew through clouds for the first time. Wow! I guess you could say we are living the dream. Although I secretly wish I could fly with him. :) ....someday....

We love where we are and what we are doing, even if we did quite a bit of complaining when we first got here.

Oklahoma - Our Home Sweet Home


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