Life with Sam

I have been snapping photos and dreaming of blogging -- and am now finally able to get back to it.       

My blogging habit has become a time for me to reflect on life and remember to cherish the precious moments and tender mercies God blesses us with. 

Here are photos of our life after having Samuel. He has brought an amazing amount of joy into our home, yes there were stressful and tired times, but overall more joy than anything else.

Proud father - minutes after birth. :) Welcome to the world Samuel!

Samuel in the NICU - He was so well taken care of - even if I hated seeing him with cords all over him

The day Samuel left the Hospital - March 30th - We were so excited to take him home!

Like father like son -- couldn't resist taking this photo - Samuel just days old

We love you Samuel Justin Schmidt!

The doctor says I don't need to worry about the crossed eyes until 4 months :)


  1. He is so cute! How are you all adjusting to life in Oklahoma?


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