Camping in November!

When we moved to Oklahoma I had no idea camping in November would be an option.. Apparently November and October are the best months to camp. So, the first week of November we did it. And we were so glad to be joined by our good friends, the Zambranos.

We left Friday about an hour after Justin got home. We were racing the sun to set up camp, starving while waiting for the tin foil dinners to get done and Sam didn't sleep through the night, but we sure enjoyed the get away and new scenes of Oklahoma.

We went to the Roman Nose State Park, just an hour South West of us.

These are the "mountains" of Oklahoma -- :)

We are in the canyon -- not too bad for a flat state eh!

The campsite

We love Sam so much, even if he wakes up the whole campground around 4AM.

Just the beginning of the father and son campouts that are sure to come

He's just so darn cute!

The Zambranos -- great friends!!

Dad gets to carry an extra 20 pounds for the hike

Sam is so like his mom, checking out the ground the whole way -- good thing, otherwise he would have had a terrible sunburn. I remembered to bring the sunscreen, but forgot to put it on.

The hike was to the top of the hill - a pretty view!

The buff men!

The glamorous and equally tough women!
It was a fun adventure. Camping isn't quite the same in Oklahoma as Utah, but we loved it ! We hope to do more of it next spring and fall. 


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