The Park - 11 month old fun

Going to the park with Sam has always been enjoyable, but lately it has become a lot more fun! Sam is a thrill seeker for sure!

He loves going down the slide head first!

Sam screams when we walk away from the swing - He loves swinging!

He loves when we peep through the different holes

Yes, he is crawling right to the slide, letting himself down head first


  1. It was fun to read your last few posts and catch up on your happenings! Sam is growing up so fast!!

    1. It's crazy how fast they grow! I was just reading a few of your posts on my dashboard but was denied access to your blog. Anyways, could you give me access? You're little guy has been one for a month ... woot woot! Sam's is coming right up at the end of this month. I definitely want to stay caught up on your happenings as well.


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