I love Easter!
It is a holiday of new life!
Many baby animals are being born, plants are beginning to sprout and green up again
after the winter season, and we celebrate that we can live again because of what
 Christ did for us. What a season of hope! 

This year for Easter we read each day in the New Testament about what happened each day of the week before Christ's resurrection. What a good reminder. We also caught the tail end of the base Easter Egg hunt Saturday with our friends and neighbors the Zambranos. The week culminated with a wonderful Sacrament meetings and lessons taught in church Easter Sunday. A friend of mine mentioned how Christmas gets so much attention when she feels that Easter should get as much and more. I would totally agree! Her example had me thinking about how I can make sure to make the Easter Season a BIG deal for our family. Sam and I then celebrated Easter with my mom's side of the family the day after we arrived in Utah. They were so kind to wait for us

Sam didn't mind the Easter Bunny!

I think Sam thought the bunny was kind of funny looking.

The Zambrano's and their new puppy!

Sam loves dogs - The Zambranos are so sweet to let us play with their new dog!

Filling the Easter Eggs for the hunt!

Grandpa Jess made sure Sam got a sugar high!
It was so much fun being with the family. We miss so many of the extended family gatherings. Fun to catch up and the Library Park was lots of fun for the kids and adults. And beautiful weather to boot!

Here is a beautiful movie covering many of the events of Easter from that I really enjoyed!


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