Go Aggies!

For all those years I was a convenient fan for the current school I was attending, I am making up for it now! This weekend we attended the BYU v USU Basketball game and the San Jose vs USU Football game. Before married life, basketball games caught my interest once in a while and football games, ugh not even a temptation, except for the big ones, and those I could only talk myself into maybe half of the game. But, this weekend I proved that I can be a dedicated fan too! Now keep in mind I did not say a hard-core fan. :)

Friday after work at 4pm I stood in line for basketball tickets until they let us in around 6pm, the game did not  even  start until 7PM! I have NEVER waited in lines to get into a sporting event, let alone for 3 hours. Oh how married life has changed me. Ha ha, Actually I think part of the reason why I was so willing to do this, is because our life as students is slowly fading. Technically I am no longer a student, but with the spouses card I can still enjoy a few student benefits. In May 2012 we will officially be moving on. This means we will have to start paying for sport entertainment and we wont be standing and shouting in the student section (Okay, the sitting part I am actually looking forward to).  I felt the urge to live this student life to the fullest! And we did. When we woke up to the snow storm Saturday morning I was really second guessing the plan to watch a 4 hour football game outside, but Justin is so good at being prepared! We bundled up --- I don't know if you can tell, but we are in ALL our snow gear: boots, pants, hats, coats, scarfs, and a gallon of hot chocolate in our trusty backpack cooler. 
I have to admit, only my toes were a tad cold a time or two, and I loved the seats we chose - we could stand up when we wanted to. I can honestly say I really enjoyed the football game, every minute of it. I attest most of this attitude change to Justin. I love being with Justin no matter what we're up to, so why not a 4 hour football game. I also learn something new about the game of football each time we go, it is quite an intense game and way more fun to watch when you know what is going on. And I love seeing his excitement, which tends to rub off on me. 


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