Winter fun

Sam finds anything to do with what little he has while in bed "trying" to go to sleep .... notice his stuffed animals perfectly lined up? :) I had to take a picture.

 Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
Dad was gone. Sam wanted to sleep in our bed, and I gave in. He was put to bed, where I was to join him later. This is how I found him, sprawled across the whole bed the wrong way. I moved him and crawled in hoping not be kicked o9r hit throughout the night.
 Sam was intrigued with the AFN (Air Forces Network)  Eagle. This is our radio and television available here in Germany. He wanted to give him a hug. The Eagle gladly gave him one.

   Birthday party at Yabadoo for Jordan Zambrano

The snow wasn't ideal, but we made it work together to form a snow man -- Thanks Dad!

It's not St Patrick's Day, but let's have green eggs and ham anyways. Sam thought it was awesome since his favorite color is Green, dad would have preferred no green coloring. I bought Sam "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss because it has his name in it so much. A great addition to our book shelf.

Oh this is the way we wear our clothes, wear our clothes, wear our clothes, this is the way we wear our clothes so early in the morning. Sam finds or figures out interesting ways to dress up.


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