Spring 2015

This is a catch up post. All the random fun we had in the spring. For a month before school let out Sam, Levi and Ellora got to play together each Friday while Deniene and I, swapping off, could have an hour or two to do whatever we needed or wanted to do. The kids and the moms loved it -- win, win!

 Late night airport pick up. Our good friends, Natalie, Hallie and Cardon Van Komen. Being here in Germany, all are intimately aware that no one has family here so we rely on each other like family. It is like this at most military bases but even more so when you live overseas.
 In nursery, Sam had a few sad times, usually when Dad had just left for a trip. One of his teachers, Sister Bean, took the opportunity to take him and other kids on a walk. One of these walks was to the bathroom to style their hair in a Mohawk. Sam thoroughly enjoyed it and we have since styled his hair more often. I'll be honest, Sam's hair had not been done maybe 10 times. :) Thank you Sister Bean -- Sam had awesome teachers in Nursery.
 Big play date! Whenever I invite one person or one family over to our house, we don't do it very often, I want to invite everyone over. Sometimes I get a little carried away. We had several kids over for a playdate and all had a good time, most of the time. There were definitely a few tears and squabbles but nothing out of the ordinary.

And yes we were watching Camilo!

Prego belly!

For my birthday I really wanted to do a bike ride along the Mosel river. We did it. It took us an hour to find the path. Only when I hopped on the bike did I realize how uncomfortable my bike was being pregnant. We did't go nearly as fair as I planned to go. It was a beautiful birthday bikeride!
 What's a birthday without cake and ice cream?! Sam is very aware that cakes are a part of birthdays and made sure I had one too, with dad's help of course.

Sam's push ups!

 I don't do monthly belly bump pictures, but I captured a few.
33 weeks with baby girl

Sam's costume -- lol, pretty creative eh?!

Piano recital with Natalie Van Komen's  and my students
 Campout! Justin was gone, but that didn't stop me. Although, thanks to the others I survived without a flashlight, camp chairs and matches. I was a little unprepared doing the whole camping thing on my own. :)

 What these happy pictures don't tell is the struggle I had at bedtime. I was at my breaking point and wanted some adult time. I was lying in the tent with Sam hoping (this is why I lose it, I hope) he would fall asleep fast being way past his bedtime. The longer I lied there with Sam talking, moving and not falling asleep the angrier I got. I was throwing out threats all over the place, being very mean to Sam. One of my worst moments, and for all the fellow campers to hear.
 My first girls night out for a long time -- since arriving to Germany. I was overdue. We as a Young Women's presidency were having a night out before saying bye to Dani Weller. Serving in the young womens with these ladies has been such a blessing. Definitely more for me than anyone else. I am learning so much and having so much fun!
 The spring brought allergies for Sam. We didn't ever nail down which plant, but I did learn to stop him from rubbing his eyes and have him wash his hands as soon as I saw him start rubbing. These were the two worst episodes. Poor little guy.


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