Happy 5th Anniversary to us! Lake Annecy, France

We knew we'd have a newborn and so planned a relaxing trip with the family. We drove 6 hours south the Lake Annecy, France and stayed at a Eurocamp with no other plans. We hung out at the beach and in the lake all the while surrounded by the beauty of the lake with the majestic Alps climbing up on the other side of the lake. It was beautiful! One day we found a French café where local workers were grabbing their lunch. We love finding the local places in contrast to all the tourist traps we find ourselves in all too often. We felt like we were getting a real taste of France! It helped that the staff was extremely friendly. I obviously did not take a very good landscape photo to show the beauty -- oops. But we have the memory!

 We have embraced the European roadside toilets! Oh, and don't think we haven't had Sam go in a bottle while driving. Yep, we've done it all, even though I'm sure Justin swore he would never allow, let alone suggest, his children to do such things.


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