Thanksgiving in Austria 2015

For the Thanksgiving break we went on a trip with many families from our ward. It made for a great time. The plan was to go sledding, but there was not enough snow and so plans changed. Despite the change we had a blast.

We stayed in a chalet with the Bronson's, Bodily's, and Brown's. In this chalet we had a great common area and in the common area all around the top were windows which allowed us to view the Alps at all times of the day. There were other families staying in other places near us too. We all shared plans and ideas for fun and gathered when we wanted to.

We all split up during the day to do our own traveling but came back to have dinners together and games after kids were in bed. This was our kind of vacation.

 Lake Konigsee

 Sam and Lucy Bronson

 Fort in Salsburg, Austria

 Boat ride on Lake Konigsee

 They played the trumpets for us where it echoed back beautifully

 Salt mine tour in Salzburg, Austria

 Christmas market in Salzburg

 Outside our Chalet!


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