Christmas 2015

A random Sunday morning before heading off to church we snapped a photo. We look pretty good. How blessed we feel to have each other.

 Squadron Christmas party

 Squadron kids party. Sam was so excited to see Santa -- ready to let him know what he wanted. We were pleasantly surprised that he came in a C130J!! What, what!!

 Christmas markets

 Sam's Joy school Christmas program.
Ella Skinner, Megan Dryden, Violet Larsen, Sam, Manami Fujii

 Homemade bread for neighbors.
This is a picture of everything Sam left out for Santa. Santa wont go hungry and he'll have "a good variety" says Sam.

Christmas has just begun to get really fun at our house. Sam had very specific things on his list and not too many. Christmas was magic for him!

Santa got him the sword he wanted. It makes noise when you swing it. Oh, and Santa got dad a sword so Sam had someone to play swords with. A very smart Santa. He also got a nerf gun, Lightening McQueen, Chick Hicks, and Mator cars to play with. He then received many more gifst from family including clothes, toys, and books.

We had a very fun Christmas all on our own. This was, after all, our first Christmas with just us. It really made me think about what kind of traditions we want to have in our home. We miss being around family but I was grateful for the perspective and closeness we get from being far away.

Delayed shipping equals a Christmas that lasts longer!


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