Budapest, Hungary

During my time in Germany I had the opportunity to be a friend to a fellow military spouse having a baby here while being stationed elsewhere in Europe. We became friends and stayed in touch. Caroline and here family live in Budapest, Hungary and were leaving soon to their new station. We decided to make the trip and visit them. But we didn't get a picture with them, ugh! Budapest is a beautiful city. Caroline had us over for dinner and watched our kiddos while Justin and I went to dinner and on a boat tour. They gave us a great recommendation for the restaurant. I had duck.

 This trip may be one of our most memorable. As we arrived to the airport we found out I had booked our flights for the wrong day -- yep the wrong day, and since we booked our rental car with our flight it was not ready for us when we arrived. We spent way too much money fixing those issues and then on top of this we had a fender bender, not our fault but because of the language barrier and not knowing the procedures we ended up paying for that too. It was a very expensive trip to Budapest.




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