Barfuss family visit

My side of the family made a trip out here to Europe as their family vacation. We were so excited to have them and for them to have a European experience. They did a lot while here -- that's how our vacations as kids always were, busy! Making the most of our time and money.

We picked them up at the airport and took them straight to the Rhine river valley. We took them on a tour of the Rheinstein castle then brought them home. We almost got them all to fit! Ha, Justin and Lindsay stayed in a hotel close by.


I can't remember the exact days and order of their itinerary but they went on their own to Munich, Germany, Venice Italy, then came back to Interlaken, Switzerland where we met them to enjoy the Alps and visit the village where the Barfuss family came from!

We took a Gondola ride up to a stop and hiked around and then down some, taking in the views of the gorgeous Alps.











Eggiwil is the village our Barfuss family moved from. It was fun to see the little village they came from. Utah isn't near as pretty but there are mountains in Utah.

They stayed at our house for a night or two then headed to Paris, France. After Paris they channeled to London, England where we flew on Ryan Air and met them.

We took the bike tour of London! The best way to see cities. I wish I could remember all we learned. During some war they established a window tax, so there are windows bricked up.
                                                                                             This is a bomb shelter for during WWII.


                                                          Our tour guide
 We happened to be there for a dress rehearsal for the Queen's birthday.

After London we all flew back and returned to our house where Justin gave them a royal Air Force tour.



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