We had planned this trip to Ireland with our good friends the Tracy's before we went to Utah. What a fabulous trip it was.
 We were off, after paying 50 euros for Justin's not checked in ticket and a lot of sweating.

WE checked in that night and went out and grabbed dinner in downtown Killarney.

The next day we got up and out the door by 9am to drive the Ring of Kerry.

Saw some incredibly beautiful country!

Stopped at a beach to play with.
 Hiked up to see cliffs -- the Kerry Cliffs
Yes, Sam found rocks!

It was a successful day of driving and sight seeing. The kids did great. We were ready for a little action for the next day.

The next day we headed off again 9am to the Dingle Peninsula!

Our first stop was at a farm where the farmer demonstrated how him and his sheep dogs guided the sheep. They also let us pet baby lambs. Twins, one black and one white from the same mommy and daddy.

Our second stop was to check on our tour of the Dingle Harbor. The hour tour we planned on was not available but we could rent a private boat to see cliffs, fish and see Fungie the Dolphin. We scheduled it and told them we wanted to do all of it. They let us know is may not happen. We had time to kill before our boat tour so we went over to the Aquarium!

Then the boat tour began. We decided to try fishing first. And we had our most successful fishing trip ever!!! Fresh Pollock fish and chips for dinner!

When planning the trip Sam said he wanted to go fishing. I didn't see it as an option without doing at least a three hour boat ride which would be too long with all our kiddos. Sam was in heaven and said later it was his favorite part of the trip.
We saw beautiful cliffs while fishing and on our way back into the harbor we saw Fungie the dolphin. Fungie swam next to another boat headed in too. I took videos and didn't take a picture. We did it all in 1 hour and 50 euros/family!
We hit up Inch Beach on our way home after eating our own caught fish and chips dinner.



The next day was a relax day. The guys went golfing on the Irish Greenland! Erin and I hung out at the house with the kiddos and didn't go too crazy. We then swapped off going out as couples. Chris and Erin went shopping and Justin and I went out to dinner.

Our last day we decided to go try a castle/ boat ride on the lakes but they were not open so we went to the waterfall instead. The kids were in heaven.


 There is no other green like the green of Ireland!! And yes we saw clovers.






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