Pisa, Florence and Rome in 3 days -- calll us crazy!

After traveling to the states for 6 weeks and having a limited time to travel before a new baby and move we felt the urge to travel it up while we could. The night before we left for Ireland we stayed up really late booking flights and tours for Italy.

We got home Friday from Ireland and left again Monday for Pisa, Italy without kids. The Stevenson's and Malan's watched our kiddos who we missed.

We landed in Pisa about 8pm, picked up our rental car and decided to go see the leaning tower before heading towards Florence to check into our hotel.

While we saw the tour and grabbed dinner our car window was broken into and everything was stolen. Our luggage, passports, and my purse. It was an awful way to start the trip. I felt violated. It was my first experience living with what was on my back. We did have our Ipad, phones and jackets luckily.

We spent that night at a beautiful hotel in Tuscany!! Sad to head off so quickly to the United States Consulate to get new passports.

We didn't have much time for shopping so we found the essentials, took extra showers and wore the same clothes every day. No make up for me and no doing my hair.

We took a cooking class in Florence and walked the major sights then drove to Rome.

In Rome we walked that night and the next take took a tour of the Vatican and walked the rest of the sights. We did a good amount of walking!

By the end we were exhausted and excited to go home mostly to get to put on clean underwear! We are glad we did it.




 Loved the cooking class!! So much fun.




 This is me tired of walking 8 months pregnant! My good supportive shoes were stolen too.

 And this is me on the ride home. Stains on the shirt and all. Yes I wore the shirt every day. Luckily most of the stains happened the last day when I was trying to eat a salad in the car to the airport without a utensil. Leave it to Justin to capture the moment.


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