Ruby Lou Schmidt

Ruby Lou Schmidt
You have arrived! 
May 13, 2017 
6lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long 

You're birth story. I woke up feeling like I wet the bed. I lied there and more came. I went to the bathroom and got moving around. I felt more come. I thought, maybe my water broke? But I wasn't sure. I googled it, waited, and paid attention to the liquid coming out until I was pretty sure it was my water. Your dad was at work. I called the hospital and let them know, they said I should get in. So I called our neighbors the Drydens and asked if Sam and Nora could go play at their house I was pretty dang positive my water had broke. This was the first time my water broke first. 

After I dropped up Sam and Nora I called your dad on my way to the hospital. I told him the contractions weren't too bad so not to rush, but he rushed anyways. I got checked in. I explained my water had broke and my deliveries usually go fast. They said the doctor would be right in.

Your dad showed up shortly after I got checked in. Some of the contractions started to get painful, but I only wanted a little medicine so held off getting and epidural. Big mistake.

Then a few came that were almost unbearable. Dad pushed the call button. No one had checked my dilation at the time. A nurse came in and checked me and then went calling for the doctor. I was completely dilated. You were coming and there was no doctor around! I was in the waiting labor and delivery room that only gets used when all the other rooms are full. The doctor came in and said, "Looks like you're doing it without an epidural". I was in disbelief and asked for one anyways but was denied. The doctor and nurses were working fast and then told me to push two times and you were out!

I will forever remember the feeling when you were put on top of me as well as the first alone snuggles in the hospital. You may get less attention from me but the attention you get from me is the strongest love I've had yet. You brought more love into all of our lives.

What a sweet girl you are. I soaked in the snuggles.

From day one you have let me know when you need something but you aren't too terribly picky what you get or how you get it.

This is one of my favorite places to be!

Passport photos so you could move with us to Arkansas!


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