October 7, 2010

Justin and I are sitting at our kitchen bar both doing homework. Okay, I guess I'm doing homework, becoming familiar with blogs so I can do one as a teacher .. :)
We have now been married for over a month! It's been a blast and yet so busy.
The time has flown by, I still have not officially changed my name, am insuranceless, and we're just starting to send out our thank yous to all those who have been so generous.

So, you may ask, what have we been doing...? --let me update you

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays:
5:30 am - the alarm goes off!
By 6 am, Justin is working out at Airforce PT, and I'm on my own jog to the temple and back - okay, some mornings I sleep in til 7
By the time Justin gets back from PT, I've showered, read some scriptures, gotten ready or made breakfast
8:00Am - suppose to have eaten breakfast, packed the lunch and be ready to leave the house so as not to be late for our 8:30 classes, eh, but we're definitely late sometimes
Justin has classes all day
I have class at 8:30, then time to study or work at GEAR UP til 11:30

11:30 - We dance together in the Intermediate Western Swing Class! Yep, we're learning some sweet moves and lifts!
12:30 Justin has Airforce class and I head home

The afternoons vary, but we usually meet up around 5, in time to fix dinner, which we take turns they vary by; Mondays = GEAR UP, Flag Football at 5:30 and then FHE, Wednesdays = Melissa's night class from 4-6:30 and Justin's study group from 7-9 or we sometimes skip and go play softball with our ward, and Fridays = catch up with some fun before Melissa goes to Golden Corral

Tuesdays and Thursdays - Sleep in! til 7am on Tuesdays, Thursdays is Melissa's GEAR UP meeting at 7
Institute - Old Testament at 8am
Then off to the Library to study for a bit together -
Melissa has two classes while Justin does homework all day!

Afternoons fairly similar to other days
Depending on school load, some late nights studying at the kitchen bar might happen - like tonight.

We find time to have fun and have really enjoyed the regular and healthy eating we are doing since being married. We feel we haven't eaten this good in a long time. :) Just one of the MANY perks to being married.

Really sleep in!! - most of the time,
Study, do homework,
Try to catch up on life (such as all those things we haven't done), watch football and find fun

Church at 9 am - which is good that it gets us out of bed
Enjoy Lunch together
visit family or friends
suppose to be writing thank yous ... hmmm, this turns into other good things
We've started a budget, hung up pictures in our apt, and invited neighbors over for dinner

Then, Monday starts again!


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