Our history with dancing lately

Justin and I happen to both enjoy dancing, especially with each other. Our first kiss happened after a great night of dancing. This semester we worked our schedules to be able to take the Intermediate Western Swing dance and are learning some pretty great moves.

This past weekend we made sure to take advantage of the Friday night I had off work and went to Homecoming. We hit up the actual homecoming dance for a bit, but then decided to support our good friends Paul and Matt's Mobile dance. They told us how rockin it was and so we decided to ditch the homecoming dance. As we headed towards the fountain where they said it was blasting, we saw several couples talking sweet nothings to each other, and then ..... yep, Paul and Matt, sitting together on the cement wall. As we walked up with Ivan and Monica, the party began. We started at the fountain on campus with the 6 of us and worked our way dancing with a sweet boom box to all the sorority houses, laundry facilities of apartments, apartment lounges, and crashed a few parties. By the end we had over 100 people dancing like crazy back up to campus for True Aggie Night -- yes I became a True Aggie! It made for an exciting night of dancing and fun! Thanks to Paul's crazy idea!

Last night, October 27th, Justin got some soothing study music going to help me study for the praxis. When I declared I was done studying for the night, he swept me off my feet and we enjoyed a few dances in our living room to Pandora. Good, good times!

No matter how crazy or stressful life gets, Justin always takes time to be with me and make sure we have relaxing and fun times! Life is too short not to take time to really be with the ones you love.


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