Christmas Break!

It's a new semester and I am so behind on the blog! You can tell I am new at this.
Here's an update!

Christmas break was wonderful. We had lots of time to spend together and with family.
We had Grant, Sydney, and Raegan over for two nights - whew, we sure had fun. Went sledding, swimming at Crystal Hot Springs, played raquetball, but their favorite activity was staying up til 2am to watch movies... ha ha - Justin and I couldn't understand, sleep is so wonderful! We also had one crazy good pillow fight, we all ended up ganging up on Justin! Picture on right - ignore the wrong dates -- grr.

The kids also helped us deliver the 12 days, good times. My heart gets a racing every time.

We went out for a horse back ride with Grandpa and Uncle Jess - yes our bums were a little sore afterwards, but what a fun time and Box Elder County is beautiful, the view from right behind Grandpa's house! Didn't take any pictures, dang it!

We spent Christmas at the Barfuss' - slept in, but did wake up to Santa Claus moving around. :) After Christmas we zoomed off to California with the Schmidts -- The two pictures on the top include our yummy dinner in Old Town and me in the van with the nieces and nephews. Kids are a lot of fun, but the back seat got a little uncomfortable after a while.

Hoover Dam, Sea World, USS Midway Museum, Mormon Battalion Museum, Oldtown San Diego, and the beautiful earth around David and Donna's home. They were so nice to let us stay with them through the week. We were there with Robert and Stephanie's family too.

Our second day there it rained all day, so we stayed inside and relaxed. Justin and I needed to break free for a bit, and so went on a great run in the rain! It was beautiful - although I am out of shape. :)

We road a great ride at Sea World -- not sure when it got put in, wasn't there the last time I was there.

Justin ate up USS Midway - I almost froze to death, because I packed summer clothes... in hopes for summer weather. I was brought back down to earth for sure. :)

Roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate was a great evening in Old Town. Dinner was delicious and the Mormon Battalion museum is very engaging!

On our way back we stopped at Richard and Marilyn's for New Year's Eve! Played games and watched Les Miserable.

Towards the end of the break, Justin was ready to go back, but I could have had another week. :) The last week I redecorated our apartment, making decorations from our wedding leftovers. It was great to pull out my creative and interior design brains, ha ha - even if it isn't much.

What a wonderful Christmas Break - sad to say there will probably not be another one like it. I'm graduating, which is exciting too, but no more long breaks!

We are so grateful for our wonderful family! Thanks for helping the holidays be wonderful


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