If you couldn't tell I am really behind! It has been more than a month and so much has happened. I graduated! Then we packed twice. Once for PERU and once, well actually every other weekend, for Vernal Utah. I'll start with PERU!

What an amazing experience it was! I will have to put all the pics on Facebook. I told Justin on our long flight back that every American should take a trip like that. What a beautiful country Peru is and what wonderful people live there, but I am grateful to live in America.

This wonderful gentleman portrays the attitude of the members in Peru. They are so happy and so willing to give the shirt off their back for anyone. Justin here is doing dishes after they just fed us a wonderful breakfast before church. He's a great dish doer!

About one week in I started developing a list of things I would never take for granted when I returned to the states, I'll include as many as I can remember:

FREE and accessible public restrooms w/ toilet paper provided
HOT showers
Being able to communicate with people (I wanted so bad to understand and speak Spanish!)
Good old Beef
Policemen/stations for enforcing the laws

Okay, the beef one is kind of a joke, even if I really did miss my beef. But since being back I have missed the many ways they cooked chicken and rice. They flavored their food well with spices, something I have a long ways to go with.

On the trip, we traveled and saw a ton! But to keep this short and sweet I will list my top 6 favorite things about our trip to Peru:

1. Getting to know the people/culture!
2. Watching Justin be a missionary again (renew his friendships and remind them of the covenants they made when they were baptized)
3. Our hike to a waterfall in the beautiful jungle (just barely in the jungle)
4. Friday game night and dance festival at the stake centers with the members
5. Beautiful Andes Mountains!
6. Lima Temple

What an experience of a lifetime! I am so grateful for my tour guide and best friend for planning and making this trip possible - I love you Justin!


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