Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vernal Utah

So, our camera died about 4 days before we came home from Peru, but my parents were so kind to give us one for my graduation. I missed not having a camera. It is a beauty - blue Sony something. :)

While in Peru, an internship opportunity in Vernal Utah came Justin's way, so he applied. We first traveled here two weeks ago tomorrow - June 2.

The people here are so welcoming. We feel a part of the community already and had our first hiking adventure last Saturday.

As with any new job, Justin was a bit overwhelmed, but it keeps getting better. As for me, I have been job hunting for quite some time with little success.
"We just hired last week" is the phrase of the week! I was just too late. I do have an interview next Tuesday and hope it will go somewhere. As for now I am getting caught up on some good reading, uncompleted projects, as well as getting to know our apartment owner Ardith Atwood. She was so kind to open her home to us. I have followed her around learning a lot about gardening, cooking, and life.

Well, I'm headed home to plug in the new battery for our camera, pictures should be coming soon!

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