The Boy Scout Adventure -baby bum smooth feet

I learned what it was like to be a boyscout and I happened to quite enjoy it.
We planned to bike up to Oaks Park Reservoir and about 2 miles in we came to a washed away bridge. I was thinking that we would just have to turn around. This thought had not crossed Justin's mind. To keep this short and concise the adventure went something like this:

Scout out and discuss possible options
Climb side of mountain
push fallen over tree into river
it broke and got stuck
push a bigger fallen tree into the river
it made it!
carry/drag branch across the river to best crossing area - took a long time!
Justin bravely crossed first
Find another stick to make bridge wide enough for Melissa to cross
threw in river
floated to other bridge
wedged into place
Melissa crossed!!
Justin brought one bike over
Melissa was in middle of bridge to steady and offer support
the process was repeated

This whole adventure took about 2 1/2 hours and we had scrapes up and down our arms along with soaked feet, but it was all worth it!

We finished the ride to Oaks Park Reservoir, even if I was ready to quit 10 times and we made it! Just enough time to check it out for a minute and then head back to camp and then home. And yes, we did cross the river on our bridge again! The water was really refreshing

We had the time of our lives even if we felt bike-seat bums for a while.

You are probably wondering where the baby bum smooth feet come in. That night after a wonderful shower, I could not believe how soft the bottom of my feet were. Wet feet in tennis shoes for a couple hours or so takes care of all calluses! -- never felt my feet so soft, or at least for a very long time.


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