Summer Reflection

Being jobless and in a town where I do not know very many people there have been a few self pity parties. For the past 7 or so years I have had a schedule to keep. This summer is very different. I have not gone as crazy as I would have predicted but it has been an adjustment - This is why journals are so good for me - As I reflect on my experiences, and account for my life I often can see God's hand ever present. He helps me see my many blessings. I feel so ashamed for having pitied so. What a wonderful summer it has already been. We are so blessed! I am rejuvenated. People have done so much for us and God has blessed us so much, I hope I can give back.


  1. It is a funny feeling to have down time after being so busy huh!! Well Hang in there! I'm glad you are seeing blessings in your experiences :) We miss you guys!

  2. Melissa! I think you are so great. So optimistic and just....AMAZING! If you find any military flights to LA we'll be right there to pick you guys up and play!! And paint and play tennis!

    I was just thinking that you guys should come down for the rose parade for new years. It is so cool. You guys would love it. And the route is only a couple blocks from our place.
    Can you tell we miss you?!!!


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