Bike Boo Boo

Justin received a surprise Mountain Bike for his birthday and it has renewed his passion! We go on bike rides often. Justin's experience of biking in the city and alot was completely  different than mine on dirt roads/sidewalkless streets in Tremonton. This will help explain what happened. :) We were riding back from our trip to the computer lab, and Justin challenged me to try hopping the curb (something I should have learned a long time ago, but because of my quick thinking abilities I have always found ways to avoid them so far). So I took on the challenge, Justin coached me really well and I went for it. He had assured me I couldn't crash (at least that's what I had told myself). I was taking it nice and slow. I popped my tire up but it came down in the only place that could send me over the handle bars, right in front of the curb! Ha ha, I can laugh at it now, but it was a little traumatizing for me. :) Justin felt really bad and took good care of my wounds. I have almost fully recovered, and one of my summer goals is to learn how to jump the curb. :)


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