Christmas Break!

So far behind on my blog? ...Our neighbor's moved out a few weeks before Christmas break which was sad to see, we do miss them. And because of this we canceled the internet deciding it was too expensive on our own. Since not having internet I have hardly been on, I barely check my email close to 3 times a week. But I would have to say not having internet has been a blessing in desguise. So much time can be spent on it, and now I find other things to do, but I do miss blogging. I suppose my posts will be to the point and farther apart. I hope this post makes sense. :)

We started the Christmas Break with a trip to Boise, Idaho
for the Potato Bowl! Go Aggies! Grrr, that we lost in the last 13 seconds,
but it was an exciting game and a fun road trip. We drove there and back in one day ..... whew, lots of driving for sure.

I had work up to Wednesday, and we headed down to Salt Lake City for our first Christmas party of the year Thursday. Justin cooked, cleaned, and shopped in preparation for Christmas.
Thursday Schmidt Christmas party was wonderful!
We had a delicious dinner, nativity dress up and caroling with a devotional and games. A great time. Check out the foxy shepherds. :)
 For the days leading up to Christmas we spent time with the family attending "The Christmas Carol" performance, Justin playing basketball and racquetball with his brothers, giving our gift of service, enjoying a Christmas Eve dinner with most of the family, and then..... we were able to sleep over at the Anderson's Christmas Eve Night! What a treat! They exchanged family gifts, read the Christmas story and said family prayers before we all tucked in tight for the night. The girls woke us up with excitement around 7:30am. Thank you Andersons! We loved the sleepover.
We traveled up to Tremonton Christmas day to spend the night there. We had a delicious homemade Cafe Rio dinner, exchanged gifts and then read a few really good Christmas stories! It was a wonderful way to end the day. I don't know why I struggle taking pictures of the Barfuss family?! I think I am so used to my mom taking care of it that I have not taken on that responsibility. :) One of my goals this year is to take more pictures, particularly with the Barfuss'!!
Justin helped dad chop firewood for their wood burning stove and mom and I were able to do a bit of reading and shopping. :) And then that night we had the Barfuss Christmas party - so good to catch up with family and play a few card games!

The next couple days we were attending weddings. We were able to do a session in the Salt Lake temple after a sealing. What a neat temple. Attending sealings was a special opportunity. What a beautiful ordinance to be able to witness.  Also a great reminder of our wedding day. We then headed to St. George with Bryce and Kaylee Roholt!

-- to be continued on the next post.


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