Sunday Cookout

Being in Oklahoma with over 100 degree weather for most of the summer and no mountains to escape the heat, we haven't done any camping. Since September came the weather has sure been nice. This particular Sunday, September 30th, the weather was amazing! It was as if the rest of the world was on pause. It was the perfect temperature and there was absolutely NO wind. We enjoyed a cookout at the base park; hamburgers on our little camp stove and Justin and I played catch, something we haven't done in a long time. I was quite rusty.  It was wonderful; a perfect Sunday afternoon together. We didn't want it to end. 

Sam is always watching for his dad! Lately we watch and wave bye as his dad leaves each morning on his motorcycle. Sam is all eyes.

Sam and  his mom - he watches both of us pretty close

Justin and me! We definitely enjoy every minute we are together


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