6 month old fun!

Lately I have been having a hard time not stopping everything and just playing with Sam all day. Every stage of this little guy's life has been amazing, but I have to say I am really enjoying this stage. When Justin gets home I give him a little Sam report and often share videos that I have taken of Sam. I laugh through each of the videos again, even though I did the recording and probably watched it before I showed Justin.

He is catching on to the attention he gets and thoroughly enjoys it. He is quick to give smiles to his dad and I and will give a smile to any stranger when they stop and talk to him. Our grocery store trips are an exciting adventure for him.Right around his 6 month birthday I put him in the cart for the first time - a whole new world for him!
Yes! Sweet potatoes all over his face - good thing it's bath time

He is an excellent sitter, entertains himself so well

He is quite the musician already. He likes it when I play and when he can play. I am encouraging him not to pound on the keyboard. He's doing quite well.

Side view

He likes to have music up - looking at it like he's reading the music or wanting to eat it.

On dad's shoulders and lovin it!


  1. I <3 Sam! How can you not be entertained by him over and over again?


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