An update on Sam & Christmas Preparations

Sam is sure growing and changing fast. And yep, I'm saying it again, he is that much more fun!
Just a week after he learned to crawl (end of November) he was pulling himself up in his crib, but did not know how to get back down. Ha ha, it was quite a stressful and frustrating thing for both of us. But props to him, he did learn pretty darn quick how to get back down.

Sam practicing his new skill of pulling himself up

I thought it would be fun to take pictures of Sam in a Santa hat. He doesn't keep a hat on very long. But I did get a good picture that ended up on our Christmas card. :)

He has loved a Santa door knob hanger and laughs when I jiggle it and say, "HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas" in a low voice. He definitely has the Christmas spirit!


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