I did an absolutely lame job in capturing our thanksgiving fun. The pictures I do have are of two or three days before Thanksgiving when Melanie and I made the pies. And yet I still did not get pictures of us in them. Here are the pies -- Pecan and Apple. They turned out great!

Thanksgiving away from family was bitter sweet. It was a shock to have to plan and cook our own Thanksgiving feast, but lots of fun to share traditions and be with friends - The Zambranos.

Our Thanksgiving went as follows:
Morning - football game 9-11am
Snacked on pigs in a blanket around noon
Gathered for dinner at 5pm at the Zambrano's place - all in attendance were: Josh, Melanie, their friends (forgot their names) , KC, her mom, Parker, Justin, me and Sam.
Played Catch Phrase
We also hit "Enid Lights" Friday or Saturday night with the Zambranos and their friends.

There was so much good food and fun people!

It was fun to bring each of our traditions together and make a Thanksgiving of our own.

We have so much to be grateful for.


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