Our FOUR day weekend!

For the Memorial Day holiday, not sure why, but Justin got Friday off too.  It was our first four day weekend since Christmas. And we loved every minute of it. Friday, we were completely lazy besides packing. We took off early Saturday morning.

The Robins were so nice to invite us to go camping. We had a blast!

On the way down we had the opportunity to help clean up the mess left by a recent tornado in Carney, OK.

Elder, Justin Robins, Justin Schmidt at the clean up, they fed us lunch

We were helping clear their fields so they could harvest w/o breaking their machinery

It was humbling and eye opening to see the destruction. It really hit home for all of us. Weather can be so unpredictable. Within one mile there were houses untouched and other houses completely demolished.

After the clean up we drove to find out camp site at the KOA in Choctaw, OK.

The KOA had a swimming pool. The water was chilly but Sam still wanted to play in it, even if it took his breath away every time.

Sam loved being outside all day and the tent was better than our house by a long shot. He loved diving on top of the blankets and sleeping bags. He took great naps and slept well, but was up at the crack of dawn ready to play. I could have gone for a little more sleeping in. :)

We enjoyed a nice nature walk, even if it was right next to the freeway. :)

Justin is holding Evelin. I decided taking care of a toddler and baby is easier than two toddlers. Evelin holds so still. It was fun to hold a baby again. Sam just isn't a baby anymore.
We also hit the Paseo Arts Festival and grabbed lunch on our way home Monday.

Thank you Justin, Jessica and Evelin Robins for a great weekend!


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