Sam's latest adventures

A few other fun days in our lives recently:

1st bowl of cold cereal:Honey Nut Cherrios!

Oh yes, he loved them

 Finished it all with drinking the left over milk, mm mmm good.

Sam sleeps with his binkie and after his nap he got mom to give him another one which he found a way to get it in his mouth too. Made me laugh. He's quite the clever little fellow. He knows what he wants and is figuring out how to get mom and dad to help him get what he wants.

Sam loves reading -- I watched him as he picked out this book, climbed up on the chair and started flipping through the pages. Obviously as parents we love to see this, plus it was just so cute to watch.

You may wonder what in the world this is. We finger painted for our FHE activity except mom did not realize we were out of food coloring so the paint is colored with sprinkles. Didn't do the job quite as good. We'll have to try again. But Sam sure had fun though. Below is our final master pieces, yes we all did one.

Today Sam and I went and fed the ducks and geese at a park and then went to the city library. We had heard it had a great play area. Sam found him a cute playmate and a comfy chair. It was a fun morning.


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