Busy month before the BIG Month!

The last month has included Justin's big Nav Check ride, getting our Drop/Dream sheet - due tomorrow, Samuel starting to run, jump and turn around and I've babysat several other kids and taken an online class. Pictures and blogging have been nonexistent.

Justin has been great in helping out as I have had a crazier schedule. What an awesome husband I have. Samuel has been a trooper through it all as usual.

I figured I better post before the big days come -- next we have our Assignment Night, August 2nd and then graduation August 16th. How the year has flown by!

Justin has worked so hard this year. As we have discussed and drafted our drop/dream list, in preparation for our next assignment, our hopes and fears for the future are ever prevalent in our minds. We really had no idea what we were signing up for with the US Air Force.

Whatever happens we will make the best of it and know that God is behind it.

A little update on Sam
He loves when we chase him, and he's found out when he does something he's not suppose to we come after him. He thinks it's funny so we do our best to chase him when he's not getting in trouble too. :) We love to hear him laugh. Kids do bring so much fun into the house along with a lot of work. :)

Dad thought it'd be fun to put Sam's shorts on his head like a hat - Sam felt pretty cool!

15 Months
 Sam loves reading right now. We read to him before naptimes (1 or 2 depending on the day right now) and then at night. During the day he'll grab a book and bring it to one of us. When we sit down with him we read at least 3 books. He also finds other books lying around and flips through him. He's really good at turning pages now. I had to catch this picture and I got a video too. Being his mom I just know he'll be a genius someday-- ha ha.

Genius in the making :) - 15 months


  1. We can't wait to see what adventure will be next for your sweet family! Thank you for the update. We miss you and are glad to see you are doing well. Sam is a dear!! He and Stratton will be such good buddies! I can already see the trouble!


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