Last week, July 25, 2013, Sam and I had a wonderful adventure to Oklahoma City. We enjoyed visiting with our neighbor Melanie Zambrano all the way down and dropped her off at the airport. After that, we went and grabbed lunch. We first went to Qdoba, but the burrito I ordered was a little too messy and spicy for Sam. Across the parking lot was Chick-Fil-A! We stepped on over there, ordered Sam's very first meal of his own chicken nuggets and fries -- not exactly the healthiest but sure fun. He loved them as you can imagine. We happened to sit next to the play place. Sam was watching all the kids go in and hearing all the screaming going on inside it. We took a break from eating to go explore. He stood like this for a good minute or two. Checking things out, in aw of the crazy and loud fun going on in this colorful room.....

 With my encouragement Sam started to explore.

 I need to expose him to other kids more often, it was quite shocking to him and he let me know when he was done. We went back to eat some more. After finishing our meal we went back in. He was quicker to get going, but still was ready to go only after several minutes. The kids that day were being extra loud. :)

  He did end up going inside the tunnel, but didn't quite make it to the slide.

He did try and climb up the slide but quickly found out bigger kids were coming down it.
It was sure fun to watch him!  We then went shopping at Daisy Exchange - Sam found the music there energizing. He kept me on my toes chasing him  for sure. Shopping with a toddler is something else. We took Justin's Mess Dress back to Tinker to get fixed and then headed home. Sam slept both ways. It was a lot of fun for both of us. I had totally forgotten about the fun I had had as a kid at McDonald's play place. Having kids helps keep the kid alive within yourself.

We sure love this little guy!


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