What's next?

On Friday, August 2, 2013 we arrived at the Vance Collocated Club to find out where we will be living and what Justin will be flying for the next 3 - 6 years of our lives. Not a big deal right?
The nerves got to me dang it! How do you prepare yourself for a night like this? The last time we had done this (track select) it had been a discouraging experience for us both.

Justin went and stood at the front, and 3 airplanes appeared on the slide. The KC 10 dropped, it was between instructing T-1s here at Vance (our 10th choice) or C130 in Germany (our 1st choice)! Yikes, my heart was pounding. .
Finally the T-1 dropped and yes -- the map of Germany came up!

We are going to Germany -- true we won't be there until next June but that's where we are headed. It's nice to know what we will be doing for more than a year. We can really settle down for 3 years. :)
This year has been a melting pot. Okay, not sure what word to use to describe our year of moving 18 hours away from family, starting to raise our own family, starting a military life all during a long year of Pilot Training. It definitely has kept us on our knees. We are so grateful to our family's love and support despite the distance, our friends/like family here in Enid, and most importantly for God's love and blessings through this year. We feel like we've been away from Utah for so much longer than we have because of all the change. It's been a great ride and we look forward to our next adventure.


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