Vacation to Utah

After graduation we celebrated by making a trip to Utah in order to visit family. This was after we received our predicted dates. We started by driving down to Dallas, TX to explore since we hadn't been there. We got to see the JFK memorial, which was really neat. I had forgotten that that was where President JFK was assassinated. We stayed at a hotel and hit the airport in the morning.

 We stayed just a few days at the Schmidts then headed up camping with the Barfuss'. As you can imagine Sam loved camping! We all got to meet the newest member of the family - Lucie!
 Sam fell in love with the tractor!

 We got to visit Grandma and Grandpa's new place!

 Sam was entertained for hours with the puddles and rocks

Justin and I were also able to get away for a night to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary. Wow! Time flies and yet it seems we've been married for longer than that -- in a good way. We stayed at the University Inn going back to the college days that seem so long ago. When really it was just a little over a year ago. We went on a run together up Logan Canyon. It was awesome! We definitely miss the mountains.

We also visited our good friends in Logan - the Roholts, Hillyards, and Woodens! We then sporadically planned a boating adventure with the Woodens -- Justin and I got to try out boat surfing! Thank you friends for letting us drop by. It was so much fun to catch up and see each of you.

 Cowabunga Bay with the Schmidts was a blast -- oh how Sam loved this. He is definitely a water boy! He didn't want to leave even if his teeth were chattering and it was raining.
We were able to enjoy a good couple hours before the storm came in.

 Sam found all the cousins to be quite fun. Watching him and Katie was a lot of fun. They got along really well.
 While at the Schmidt's, we were able to share a meal with each of Justin's siblings. I didn't get photos of each one but we loved the time we had with the individual families. Thank you to each of the families for feeding us and having us in your homes. We really appreciated and enjoyed each visit.

Thank you family and friends for your love and support and for the fun vacation!


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