Graduation - Congrats to JUSPT Class 13-13

Wow! We did it! Justin made it through "the most intense year of his life" and I have only begun to understand the life of a military spouse. :) My hat goes off to my hubby. He has worked so hard! And through it all he has been an excellent husband and father to boot. He handled the stress like a champ. I love him sooo much! I am truly a lucky lady. This year has definitely stretched all of us but we are better for it.

T-1 Class 13-13

He gave me his broken wing. :) - I love him!

Cockpit of the T-1

All of Class 13-13

The T-1

Graduation breakfast

The ceremony

T-1 Jayhawk

 Thank you Richard and Jo for coming to celebrate with us!

Congratulations Justin!


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