RTT Rhine River Cruise Trip

While waiting to get into our house we were able to take a trip to the Rhine River through the on base travel agency RTT. There is a pressure to travel when you get here and so we jumped on the bandwagon. It was a fun no stress way to do it. :) It is obviously our first trip, we took pictures of every castle on the Rhine and everything else.

 Toured the Rheinstein Castle

 Sam was super excited to ride on the bus! We had an early departure and late return, a long fun travel day.

 Those who were misbehaving spent time in that cage. Yikes!

                              The Vineyards - there were so many and on such steep hills, pretty incredible.

                                                                    Our cruise ship

                                                 Our Cable car ride up to the vineyards

                                                     And a movie for the ride home.


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