The Mark, Melanie, Robert, Stephanie, Grant, Sydney, Raegen VISIT!!

We were so excited to have our family visit. We had so much fun we didn't take near enough pictures.

Each family stayed for a few days at our house and then traveled on their own for a week or two.
We were unable to join them for too much of their travels due to Justin's work and me being 9 months pregnant. :)

We took them to see the castles on the Rhine.


 After taking our picture, unbeknownced to me Raegan had a little fun with our phone camera. I couldn't delete any of them. They tell the story and show what a fun family we have. Love, love, love them!

Justin gave them the royal tour of his work and the C130J. I loved hearing it again. Maybe one of these times the information will stick. 

Mark looks how I feel when Justin's rambling on about all the technical stuff. :)

We had a birthday party for Mark, Justin and Grant whose birthdays are June 17th, 18th, and 19th of June. So fun they could all be together for it.
 We did join them on their Luxembourg trip to see the cannon caves/fortress.
Cannon Caves in Luxembourg

 We took them to Trier along with enough bikes to be able to bike around the fun village.
Bike Ride around Trier

Porte Nigra

Grant flew home early for an FBLA contest, so we got to have him to ourselves for a day before taking him to the airport. We took him to a fun German Wild Park, but unfortunately it made going through customs a headache. Sorry Grant! Glad we at least had a good time while there. And of course I don't have a picture of Grant. oops
brother wrestling match -- Sam was excited to join in. :)
With Mark and Melanie we visited a little festival in Ramstein. It wasn't much but a fun bike ride and snack of meat on a stick.

The Robert and Stephanie Schmidt clan helped us make freezer lasagna before they left.
Stephanie and Melanie left funny and sweet notes throughout our house that have stayed for a long time.

It was sad to say goodbye. They all came June 15th. Mark and Melanie left June 29th and Robert and Steph left July 3rd.


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