Lenora Beth Schmidt's Birth

I put every picture we have of her of her first few days of life and thought I would delete some. But I kept almost every single one. You can't have too many pictures, right? :)

This picture was right after she had nursed. Oh, how wonderful it was to have her on me the instant she came out. Sam had to be wheeled away. Okay, I won't wait until later, here is her birth story:

July 8, 2015 Sam and I went to my doctors appointment where they weighed and measured me. I was not growing like I should and the doctor I met with that day liked to er on the side of caution. He told me to come in later that evening to be hooked up in order to make sure baby girl was doing okay.

That evening, after we ate dinner I left Justin and Sam at home and headed to the hospital. I was hooked up for an hour or so. The doctor there said everything seemed fine but she was small and not putting on more weight so he suggested we induce that night or in the morning. My heart skipped a beat, but without too much hesitation I said, "Let's do it tomorrow", to hopefully get a good night sleep" and maybe start on my own first.

I messaged Justin  "We're having a baby tomorrow!!", laughing to myself as I imagined his reaction.

The next morning we went in. They stuck needles in me, did what they needed to to start me on pitocin, but it ended up the tubing was bad and very little or no pitocin was going in. The machine kept beeping. After an hour of calling in nurses every 5 minutes, one nurse checked and figured it out. She said I must have been already going, because I was progressing. Yay!

While I was at the hospital, Justin got Sam ready for the day, dropped him off at his best friend Levi Green's house, and then came to join me at the hospital. But our car registration was due that day. I told him to go take care of it. Car registrations can be a hassle especially in Germany. The nurses told me we would be there for at least 4 hours, probably longer, before the baby would be here. I knew it wasn't going to get any easier to get the registration done, so I sent him away.

After progressing for some time, the nurse updated me on the anesthesiologist's status. There were several women in my similar situation and so I should not delay asking for an epidural. We went into this labor and delivery department knowing I would get an epidural. The contractions were beginning to get painful, so I decided to ask for the next epidural. Shortly after, the midwife asked me where  dad was. I told her and she said I should give him a call. I was oblivious as to what stage of labor I was in. She explained they were ready to break my water and the baby could then be here within minutes. I was blown away by how far along I was, no wonder the contractions were getting painful. I called Justin --- HE DID NOT ANSWER! At this moment I racked my brain of why Justin was not answering his phone. You have to know Justin to understand. He always has his phone with him when he's not home, and answers it on the second ring, if not the first. This is unlike me. :)

After the birth he filled me in. He had finished the car registration and figured he had plenty of time to grab a subway sandwich. While he was waiting in line at Subway he realized he had left his phone in the car --- oops. When he got back to the car with his sub he called me.

He was at the hospital within 20 minutes. At that time my contractions were taking my breath away and the anesthesiologist had just arrived to give me an epidural.

Justin came just in time. They were asking me to hold really still while she stuck me in the back. He came right to me reminding me to breath. He knew just what to do. For Sam's birth he was my rock, and I was relieved to see him. A tender mercy from God; Justin walks in at the moment I need him.

Being so far along in the stages of labor, the anesthesiologist decided she would only give me the syringe and not hook me up for the drip. It was perfect! Took off the edge but allowed me to help my body do what it needed to do and still experience the birth.

The midwife, nurses and doctor were awesome. They helped coach and guide me, allowing for smooth birth of Lenora Beth Schmidt who appeared outside the womb at
2:13pm July 9th, 2015.      
 6 pounds 7 ounces
That first skin to skin!

First Daddy Daughter moment!

After nurses took her for a bit.
I found out how some mom's can look so great after having a baby. Because it was an induction, I knew when I was going in. I woke up, showered and put make up on before going in. With Sam it was in the middle of the night and without an epidural. On the opposite side of the spectrum.

And BIG BROTHER was on the scene!

Sam had a wonderful time with his friend Levi, but was quickly all eyes and ears to his baby sister. It was the sweetest thing to watch. I still watch and cherish loving moments between the two of them.

Doesn't his face tell it all?

Sam brought this teddy bear for Lenora and Lenora had a little surprise for Sam (a new Lightning McQueen race car). 

First family picture with Lenora in it!! We're more complete with her.

The first attempt for family picture. :)

The hours I had alone with Lenora were precious. 
Just me and her.
No schedule. 
No distractions, 
No one else.
Just us. 
God helped me recognize RIGHT THEN that I would not have this kind of time with her very often; soak it in, He seemed to say. I did. I too took time to ponder the miracle I had just been a part of. 
God bless the little children.  

I should have brought mittens, poor girl was scratching herself on day 1 and I'm still a mom making lots of mistakes. 

She is 6 months old now and I almost tear up thinking of these moments. I relished the newborn snuggles and miss them. Where does the time go? I am treasuring more and more the time with my children and I look forward to bringing more sweet spirits into the world.
Josh and Melanie Zambrano visited us with a delicious smelling pink candle and balloons -- we love and appreciate them so much.

The next day they discharged us! We were homeward bound -- woot woot! 
Sam gets a backseat buddy -- yay!

Skin to skin time with dad. 

There's Sam's new race car from Lenora -- she's sun bathing; Doctor's orders

She loved lying in the sun.

Sam was waking in the nights for a while needing to go potty. He was really behind on his sleep. One of the times I woke up in the night to find him here, no underwear on crashed. Poor kid was exhausted. We all were. :)

Mouth open shot. A week old. Impressive. She'll love it when she gets older. :)

Our good friends, the Green's, let us borrow their awesome camera to take some quality pictures, which we were very grateful for.


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