Hitscherhof Pumpkin Festival and more fall fun

Since this was our last fall in Germany I wanted to make sure we hit at least one pumpkin festival. We went to our favorite one. It's about 45 minutes away from us and is run by a family farm -- similar to the Schmidt farm. We got to talk to the farmer last year and found out he had traveled to SLC and with our broken languages we understood he had heard of the Schmidt farm. He was very nice and a real live farmer. Another draw to this Pumpkin Festival is the Pumpkin soup. I couldn't wait. But sad to say I was highly disappointed. I don't know if it didn't have time to simmer or what but the flavor was off -- or I dreamt too much about how good it was last year. Justin was on a trip so we joined with the Tracy's.

 We each got our own pumpkins. Sam was ready to carve it that day. I talked him into waiting until FHE.


And that is exactly what we did for our Family Home Evening activity. A family in the ward's husband/dad was deployed so we invited them to join us. Family Home Evening is a bit lonely without dad. Sally, Lucy and Henry Ballard accepted our invite and we were so glad.

Some other random fun during the fall.
    Malcom lives past our park and has sure been a fun neighborhood friend who can come over or meet us at the park on a whim. Sam and Malcolm are good friends. Here is a picture of one of their forts.

 We had our friends Hallie and Cardon Vankommen stay with us for a few nights while their parents took a little vacation. Yes, we watched some TV.
 I couldn't help but snap a pic of this cute girl. She loves this little chair that sings and dogs.

 We watched a dog for our friends while they were on a cruise. The kids love it. Justin and I deal with it so we don't feel as bad about not getting a pet for our kiddos. We're glad to help our friends out and after Stella left I missed her. She was good company especially when Justin was gone.

 Driving Mator at the BX


Sam's block building and hanging out in pajamas. 






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