Prague, Salzburg, and Bavaria with Mom and Dad Schmidt

After Berlin we worked our way south to Prague in the Czech Republic. It is a unique and beautiful city.





 Sam loved these toy statues!


 We made a quick stop in Czechy Krumlov - a quaint Czech village.



 We then headed farther south to Salzburg, Austria and then on to Berchtesgaden, Germany area. We took a boat ride on the beautiful Lake Konigssee.


Lake Konigssee






 We climbed (in a bus and elevator) to the Eagle's Nest. One of Hitler's get aways.





We found a rodelbahn near our place in the Bavarian part of Germany. It tracked our speed!


 And this is how the kids rode. We stayed 2 nights in every place except Berlin. We were then driving about 4 hours every other day. They held up well. Lenora was screaming to get into her car seat by the end.

 Grocery style escalator
 Bavaria is beautiful. We stayed out in the country next to a dairy farm.
We also took a cable car ride up to the tallest peak in Germany - Zugspitze. We enjoyed some incredible views!





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