Girls trip to Poland

Several women from our ward organized a Polish Pottery trip to Poland for ladies! I hopped on. I didn't know much about Polish Pottery but was so ready for a girls trip.

We hired a babysitter and Justin had the kiddos to himself for a weekend. We both realized this was his first time being left alone with the kiddos overnight. He did a fantastic job. So much so, I wasn't sure the kiddos missed me.

 This is the castle we stayed in. It's owned by a Christian church. They were very accommodating and kind. We took donations to them.

 We stopped at the German village where the biggest selection of Christmas décor is. Justin was so glad he wasn't going. The trip involved talking the whole 7 hours there and back and shopping the rest of the time.


 One of our Polish feasts! I'm a fan.  My carpool companions: Deniene Green, Heidi Holmes, Bethany Bronson
Despite not doing my research or knowing much I still came home with a bit of pottery and Christmas décor.


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