New friends!

The Malan's moved in to the village next to us and we became fast friends. Where were they two years ago?!

Conner and Nora riding!
We swap watching each other's kids all the time. It's a life saver and so fun for the kids too.

 Fall fun!

Yes, we enjoy subway sandwiches any day we have to run errands into lunch time. Sam requested this photo of the Cheetos. HE's getting really good at requesting photos to be taken of him or something.
 Justin and I went to an 86th OS Christmas get together which was held in a small village near us. They had a Christmas market going on and we also mingled at his commander's home. It was fun to be social in a casual setting. I hadn't met many in the 86th OS. It's nice to get to know those who Justin works with. Justin recently switched over. We still do a lot with the 37th but technically we're part of a different squadron now.

This village also has fresh milk from a cow available via vending machine!! What?! If only I was dedicated enough to drive 20 minutes every 3 days to get us some.



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