POC vs. GMC -- Competition -- Air Force

March 25th, 2011

Justin and I had a blast at the Air force POC GMC challenge. ("General Military Course" and "Professional Officer Course") Justin is a POC now. The GMCs and POCs have different game competitions to see who wins at these events. The games this evening included: ping pong, air hockey, crud(pool table game), and some kind of Nintendo game. I decided to tag along. I found out these competitions are similar to powder puff. Usually, if not always the POC win.

The top picture (3 girls) include me, Mandi, and Shaylee Kulikowski. Us girlfriends and wives hung close together. We had fun watching our men compete and getting in some good girl chat.

The middle picture (pool table) A POC team vs a GMC team for a game of crud. An exciting game to watch, and yes, the POC won! Check out the handsome guy in the white on the left, ya, he's mine!

And the final picture! Justin and I played crud with the other girls and their companions and then we played against just each other. 1st game .... Melissa wins! Of course we must play again, second game ..... Justin wins. We definitely need to play a tie breaker. The third game. . . . . . .
drum roll please...... haha, neither of us can remember - shoot, I need to do this more often.

But it is good to see we don't rub in the winnings, even if we get rather competitive.

Justin and I have great times playing games or simply competing. Justin has this amazing talent of coming up with games or challenges anywhere and with anything- no wonder the nieces and nephews love him. Just to name a few:
Who can catch the most racquetballs in a cup? (passing back and forth)
Who can catch the most footballs rolling down a playground slide out of 5?
Who can get ready for bed the quickest? We literally race to bed every night and claim ourself victorious when we are the one who wins. -- the only thing bad about this one, is it winds us up before trying to fall asleep.
Who's March Madness bracket will win? -- I won this one and yes he did dishes for one whole week!

Justin is truly my best friend! It's amazing how much more I love him after 6 months of marriage and our love continues to grow. ....


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