Sundays - my testimony

I love Sundays, especially fast Sundays. They rejuvenate me! I am so grateful for our ward, the good examples they all are to me. Several times during sacrament meeting I wanted to share my testimony about so much, but was feeling and learning so much more from others that I did not get up and bear mine, but I would like to now. Sunday School was about how Christ is the "Bread of life". He truly is! In sacrament meeting so many bore their testimony on how when we put Christ in our lives, our lives are so filled with love and happiness. I thought it interesting how many of Christ's disciples left after Christ spoke so much about Him being the bread of life. I think they accepted Him as a prophet, or holy man, but they did not accept Him as Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind. I think often we accept Christ as a good thing or as spoken of in "Believing Christ", we believe in Christ but sometimes do not believe Christ. I know Christ lives -- He came to Earth lived and died for us. We can be healed in so many ways because of what he did for us. I know if we truly believe in Christ we can forgive, we can be comforted, and ultimately we can come closer to God, even after all the sins and transgressions we commit. We can learn from our experience on this Earthy while yet still having the chance of living forever with our Heavenly Father. I also want to bear my testimony on the restoration of the fullness of the gospel. Growing up in the gospel I had a hard time understanding why the restoration of the gospel was such a big deal. .. oh innocent little mind of mine. But as I prepared to teach my class about Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism I came to really appreciate the restoration of our gospel. These religions I taught the class about do not have a beginning --- no authority. Hinduism evolved from the Aryan traditions, and Buddhism came from Budda's enlightenment - One group of Buddhas view Buddha as divine or a type of savior and one group views him as a teacher. Anyways, I came to appreciate more the restoration and also how each of us can receive our own confirmation that it is true. I know Joseph Smith saw and talked with God, our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I know we have the authority of God on the Earth today. I am so grateful for this knowledge, what peace and joy it brings to me. Also in these religions they know very little about their Spirit as well as what happens after we die. I am so grateful for the truths we have. What we learn about God from the first vision and what we know by divine revelation and covenants about what will happen when we die. I know this gospel is true, it has been confirmed to me through feelings I have felt from the Holy Ghost on countless occasions. It is such good news!! Woot Woot!


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