This last week has been SPRING BREAK for me. I have enjoyed it but I am excited to go back to teaching. I realized that I just might miss the kids when I get done. Student teaching has had its ups and downs, but overall I have really enjoyed it. Thank you cooperating teacher for being so supportive and helpful. They have been wonderful.

I will return to teach the students for 2 1/2 weeks is all, then ..... dun, dun, dun GRADUATION!
Now I just hope to land a good teaching job.

Things I have done during the break
  • cleaned the apartment
  • worked at GEAR UP
  • started planning our trip to PERU!! - got some mean shots -
  • worked out! Haven't done that in a while - want to keep going
  • read a good book "Teaching with Love and Logic" - still have 200pgs to go
  • Applied for teaching jobs! -- what a project
  • Spent lots of time with Justin, even if it was just being by him while he studied
  • sent my little missionary bro some cookies!
  • Enjoyed productive scripture study - need to continue!
  • tried some new recipes and checked out food storage blogs
  • fixed our bedspread that has been falling apart - 6 months! it's got to last 10 yrs. :)
  • Checked out some banking options for us
  • bought a pot to plant something in it -- need to do something with it -- ha ha
  • pulled weeds in the dirt we do have :)
  • caught up with a few friends
It may not seem very fun to you -- but for me I loved it. And I can't believe that I ran out of time --- life is wonderful!

I had an interview today with Box Elder School District. I was more myself than any of my other most recent interviews. I definitely had help from above.

Justin and I have been so blessed! We have so much -- especially family and friends who are loving, supportive and a ton of fun! Thanks!


  1. Cute Blog!
    Now we can keep tabs on each
    other wherever we are!
    Sounds like you had a great spring break!
    PERU?! How exciting! When are you guys going?


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