April -- Practically Summer!

We couldn't wait for the weather to test out our new tent! -- yes it is in our living room! Ha ha. No we did not sleep in it, the comfort of our bed was too much to pass up, but we set it up and tested it out for a nap. :)

Other things we have done lately in the warmer weather that I have missed taking pictures of are ....

Justin and I have had a couple BBQs with friends, yes, even in the rainy weather. Fun times and you definitely can't go wrong with burgers and hot dogs.

Golfing - Justin found free golf lessons in Smithfield - so yes, I now know what a mulligan, par, and bogey is or refers to. I am just all golf edumacated now -- and you know it's pretty fun. We did get a free bucket of balls to go back, so hopefully we will go soon before I forget what I learned. :)

Air Force Dining Out! -- the picture -- oh that -- DANG it!
We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Sherwood Hills among Veterans and fellow Air Force Cadets and Cadres. It was fun to dress up like a princess, hear from a 2 star General, and watch Justin drink from the grog (a random mixture of drinks, not usually tasty). It was a fun evening out on the town!


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